About Me

Being a craftsperson means working at the intersection of creativity & technique.

After graduating from Conestoga College’s woodworking program and gaining experience working in custom cabinet shops, I opened a small workshop of my own to grow as a craftsperson.

My goal is to create objects that are beautiful, functional, and lasting.

Things that speak to people on a human level, whether it’s the spoon that finds its way into your hand when you’re cooking, or the personalized box you were given as a wedding gift that now holds some small treasures.

The way we relate to objects shapes our experience of the world. I’m hoping that through my work I can help bring a sense of peace, connection and belonging to people’s lives.

Get in Touch

Dan Shannon / Bellowing Timber
Hamilton, Ontario
email: dan@bellowingtimber.com
cell: (519)803-5920