Care Instructions for
Boards & Spoons

– Never put in the dishwasher.
– Do not soak.
– To clean: either wipe with a damp cloth, or, if needed, lightly wash with warm, mildly soapy water, rinse quickly, and dry immediately. Don’t leave a wet cutting board to sit, as this may cause it to warp.

Five Minute Maintenance/refinishing (if desired):
I use a food-safe mixture of mineral oil & beeswax (Clapham’s brand). Over time, its sheen may become dull and the grain slightly fuzzy.  Many people are happy to simply let nature take its course, but if you want to remedy this:

1. Following the direction of the grain of the wood, give the board/spoon a brisk rub with a ‘superfine’ buffing pad (equivalent to “0000” steel wool – replacement pads are available in the sandpaper section of most hardware stores).  
2. With a clean rag, apply a thin coat of an oil of your choice, allow to soak in for a few minutes, and wipe off excess. Repeat if desired. The finish should look (almost) brand new!

Some good options for oiling/refinishing:
– Mineral oil – inexpensive, found at any pharmacy
– Tried & True brand finishes – stocked at Lee Valley
– Clapham’s Salad Bowl finish – also at Lee Valley
– Coconut oil

Avoid these:
– Raw linseed oil (can go rancid over time)
– Anything that contains “Boiled Linseed Oil”
– Paste wax
– Anything called ‘butcher block oil’ that doesn’t explicitly say ‘food safe’.

Thanks for buying handmade, and enjoy!